Kate Yarrall


Kate Yarrall

Kate heads up the Family Law team, specialising in care of children disputes and high end relationship property (including acting for clients getting into relationships and also clients who have separated)

Kate has a special interest in elder law and helping families and vulnerable people protect their assets and manage their affairs, in a sensitive and dignified way. Kate is appointed by the court to undertake Lawyer for Child and Subject Person appointments to protect the rights and interests of children and individuals with a diminished capacity.

She was raised in Rotorua and has a lifelong connection with the community and the area. These connections have allowed her to build up a very strong family law practise. She was on the Board Chair of a local primary school for 9 years, and for the last 6 was the Chair person. Kate is the Family Law section representative for the Rotorua, Tokoroa and Taupo areas.

Kate is also a fully qualified mediator and undertakes mediations on a variety of legal aspects. This interest in mediation flows into other areas of her work and she has a genuine interest in resolving disputes outside of court if at all possible. She also believes in allowing parties the opportunity to resolve their own disputes whilst still maintaining relationships.

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